[GRLUG] OT - Forsale

Chris Lamrock clamrock at nmtdie.com
Wed May 10 09:24:21 EDT 2006

Hey guys,

This is a bit off topic but I'm parting with a New Car Jukebox...


It looks just like the one in the link however I'm not sure it's a 35..

It's 3 or 4 years old and I believe it has a 30 gig drive in it.  (I'll 
check for sure if anyone is intersted).

It includes...

-The Neo itself - works good - lost the key that locks it in the dock 
station so I removed it..
-The car docking station - RCA out
-FM Modulator with RCA ins (for use with a standard car stereo with no RCA 
-The USB docking station and 12v Powersupply  * Note the USB is fried on 
this unit however I used it for a docking station
             for my home stereo as it gives the neo power & has RCA outs.
-Mini remote (for home or car use)
-Remote display (for car use) - the Remote display as I remember had a bad 
dot or two on the display...  It's Amber in color
-Padded transport bag for the neo
-5 1/4 Bay IDE docking station - Plug the neo into the docking station in 
your 5 1/4" bay, boot, and your neo is a HD on the box
                                                          for file (mp3) 
xfers & what not..

I paid $350.00 New but I need a new toy so I'm letting it go for $125.00

Please Email if you are interested (clamrock (at) nmtdie (dot) com)


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