[GRLUG] Distro's - was GRLUG test comment

Adam bultman adamb at glaven.org
Thu May 4 19:16:17 EDT 2006

Ron Lauzon wrote:
> What most people call "normal users" are usually not smart enough to 
> use a computer anyway and would never even try installing Linux.

Sorry Ron, but this is going to the list.


That's where you're wrong. I've had many "Normal users", upon hearing me 
mention linux:
1.  find out that I work with linux and ask me about it , or
2.tell me that they've read about linux in the paper/magazine/google 
news, how it is free and secure, or
3.  have gone as far as *downloading* it.

 Heck, my chiropractor, who's business is decidedly not computer 
related, who mostly downloads bootlegged music from the 'net, has 
managed to hear a bit about linux.  Another person in my church, who 
doesn't own a computer, and doesn't do work with computers [he works 
with troubled children], knows about linux.  How odd is that?!


Because linux is becoming more mainstream, and companies are getting on 
board with it, and because of litigation, it's entering the 
consciousness of more of the general public, among those being Normal 

Dismissing "Normal Users" as "not smart enough to use a computer anyway" 
has probably alienated quite a few people (wasn't there a slashdot 
article about this recently or something?)   It's a pointless, "I'm 
smarter than you" feeling that too many linux/bsd people have and is 
very damaging.    How irked would you be if your mechanic, plumber, 
electrician, or furniture repairman started talking 'down' to you just 
because you don't fix your own problems?  You need to realize that the 
day where installing and running linux is as easy as changing your own 
oil, or putting the spare tire on the car is rapidly coming.  You can be 
a roadblock in that, or you can be helpful. 

I've come to realize some time ago that all people have their areas of 
expertise.   I find it odd that 'computer people' seem to be the most 
'elitist' and snobbish people I've managed to bump into.  I must be one 
of the few people that relalize if it weren't for computers, I'd 
probably be The PoopSmith.

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