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Adam bultman adamb at glaven.org
Thu May 4 15:48:02 EDT 2006

Sorry to respond to my own post, but I think I have a good (if nothing 
else, funny) analogy:

 Using 'root' is like being a cop, running around the city with guns 
drawn, locked, and loaded. Using sudo is like being barney fife in 
Mayberry:  Gun is available, but bullets are in his pocket.He's got to 
think, and be deliberate when  he makes a decision to use his gun.


Adam bultman wrote:
> It comes down to people liking to traipse around as root.
> When you use sudo, you need to do things on purpose - sudo this, sudo 
> that, and after a while, it's irritating. It's much easier to su - root, 
> and just run around and do what you want, but you lose the 'thinking 
> about what you're doing' factor.
> I discourage fellow admins from running around as root, since people 
> *do* make mistakes, and that prompt for a password on the sudo command 
> has saved me multiple times. Similarly, I've been present when someone 
> running around as root does something horribly dumbassed, and I've got 
> to help clean up, if not do it all.
> First thing I do on my ubuntu boxes is set a root password.  That way, I 
> can clean up any filesystem damage if it drops to a shell when booting.  
> If I have a few things to do, I use sudo. If I have a few commands in a 
> string I need, I do 'sudo bash'.  If I want to run around as root, I'll 
> just do 'sudo su - ' and become root, do my tasks, and then be done with 
> it.  Time spent running around as root per month: Perhaps 3 minutes. 
> Time spent using sudo: Very large.
> Adam
> Tim Schmidt wrote:
>> On 5/4/06, David Pembrook <david at pembrook.net> wrote:
>>>  I was playing around with distro's that day.. I remember it looked good and
>>> I had to fix it. I hacked mine to operate as I expect it to. My only point
>>> is:
>>>  No matter how you slice it, the root user is taken away by default and
>>> replaced with sudo. I use sudo on other systems when I want to and su to
>>> root when I want to.
>>>  Again every issue I have with it can be addressed, its Linux. Its personal
>>> taste.
>>>  Dave
>> I'm sorry Dave, I don't follow your logic...  You have /root, you have
>> a way to escalate privileges, what are you missing?  Exactly what can
>> you not do with sudo as efficiently or effectively as you can with su?
>>  How are you doing things differently?
>> --tim
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