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Tim Schmidt timschmidt at gmail.com
Thu May 4 14:41:53 EDT 2006

Why not just run 'sudo su' for the same exact behavior (becoming
'root') as using plain old su.

Sudo really offers a superset of 'su with a real root account'
functionality, in a somewhat simpler way (only one password).  Sudo
produces scads of logs, allows regular users to admin their system
without remembering two passwords, and offers somewhat finer grain
control over what a user with escalated privileges can do in a
multi-user environment (like a web server).

I much prefer Ubuntu (and MacOS X) for making the choice to use sudo
by default.

- It's not any more complicated (in fact, it's somewhat simpler)
- It has more, usefull, features
- It makes my life easier

Sudo passes all those tests for me...  so I consider it an excellent
addition to my toolset.


On 5/4/06, zdennis <zdennis at mktec.com> wrote:
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> Matthew Whitaker wrote:
> >  I have to say that I firmly agree with David on this one.  The last
> > time I installed Ubuntu I was really frustrated with the no root, just
> > use sudo aspect of it.  I really prefer simply logging in as root at
> > times.  It's true I have screwed things up that way, but live and learn
> > - Ubuntu's model was simply too annoying for me.
>   sudo -i
> and if you really want to use su , you can:
>   sudo passwd
> and set it
> Zach
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