[GRLUG] critical vulnerability in the X Window System

Raymond McLaughlin driveray at ameritech.net
Wed May 3 14:28:38 EDT 2006


"It could be exploited to allow local users to execute code with root
privileges, giving them the ability to overwrite system files or initiate
denial-of-service attacks."

Highly plausible because X itself runs with root privileges

 From the article: "...the flaw resulted from a missing parenthesis on a small 
piece of the program that checked the ID of the user." I'm surprised it 
compiled. The compiler should have at least given a warning message.

The article also says "The flaw, which affects X11R6.9.0 and X11R7.0.0, was 
fixed within a week of its discovery,... " but doesn't give a discovery date. 
Anyone seen an update in any distro to fix this? I ran SuSE online update for 
the first time in over a week, and saw no mention of X and authentication.

Mildly concerned
Raymond McLaughlin

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