[GRLUG] "apt-get update wardrobe"

Kaminski, Dennis J Dennis.Kaminski at Siemens.com
Wed May 3 12:43:19 EDT 2006

Warning, based on years of experience:

The "apt-get update wardrobe" should not be run on a specific schedule
(e.g. weekly, monthly, holiday). If you start running it on a schedule,
you can only stop running it on that schedule through great pain and
effort. Adding it to a different schedule does NOT stop it from running
on the initial schedule.

If you run the "apt-get update wardrobe" manually, you must run it often
enough, but, you will find that you get to select options that you can't
select when running it on a schedule. This method also associates your
uid and gid with the update. This association has many subtle benefits.
By running it manually, you also get the benefits of the feedback.
Please note, to get the most out of the update you must use the
--enthusiasm and --smiles switches. I encourage you to use the -vvv
switch. While most of the information is meaningless, it can help you
respond appropriately if the update needs additional information. Also,
never, never use the --lookswide switch. Just pretend that switch
doesn't exist.

Also, you may be surprised at (or may have forgotten) the performance
improvements that you can experience by running "apt-get install
freshflowers". I've seen the best performance improvement when I run it
remotely and let the system sit idle for a few hours after the install.


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On Wed, May 03, 2006 at 07:00:22AM -0700, Dave Kedron wrote:
> Justin Denick <justin.denick at gmail.com> wrote:
> Must have 'J.O.B' > McDonalds installed 
> Must have 'quiet-2.0' installed
> Must have 'the-ability-to-drive-me-home' installed
> Well buddy, you'll have a while to wait....  quiet-0.8_beta just hit
CVS last night.  

Actually, it was pulled from beta because of too many bugs.

I feel sorry for you guys, though.  I recommend you install Debian
GNU/Wife and properly maintain it.  You just need to occasionally surf
over to http://www.the-mall.com and then 'apt-get update wardrobe'.
Stable and secure.  The only problems I have ever had were due to
operator error.  Sometimes I give the wrong command and spend hours
trying to undo my mistake since with a good install such as I have the
system logs are emptied on a frequent basis so finding one's mistakes
becomes difficult.  With a good install.
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