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Dave Kedron protecterofmagic at yahoo.com
Wed May 3 00:03:57 EDT 2006

Benjamin Flanders <flanderb at gmail.com> wrote:....
BTW, She is damn cute.

Heh, this is like throwing food to a pool of sharks.  What guy could resist the temptation of rescuing a damsel in distress with his mighty linux skills?  

***cue Dave's romance linux soap opera***
Linux Guy:  *walks in wearing a snazy suit*
Girl:  *gasp*, Ahhhh, my savior!!
Linux Guy:  Yep, I have all your solutions right here... *pulls out a Knoppix CD from his coat jacket*
Girl: My hero!  *hugs aforementioned hero*
Girl: ... wait a second, this is version 4.0.1, you don't even have the latest bugfix release?
Linux Guy:  Uhhh, well... you see..

... Ahh, yep, sometimes life just has a sad ending.

..Okay, I am *way* too tired... I'm off to bed...

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