[GRLUG] mp3 encoding in Debian

David Pembrook david at pembrook.net
Mon Jun 26 07:06:44 EDT 2006

I am happily ripping away with abcde now. I had the config right for it 
so I don't need to add the parameters, just missing lame.


zdennis wrote:
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> David Pembrook wrote:
>> I've been trying to get a Debian setup ripping to mp3 to no avail. I can 
>> rip just fine to ogg but I have an extensive mp3 collection already and 
>> have no desire to switch formats. apt and google have been no help lol.. 
>> I've got "jack" and "abcde" working fine with ogg, I prefer jack so far. 
>> Any thoughts?
>> I have this nice little compaq pc (is there really such a thing? but it 
>> was free :D ) that is whisper quiet and hooked up to the stereo just 
>> waiting for a nice db driven web interface.
> I run abcde to rip to mp3s from the command line. I use the following
> alias to do the work for me...
>     alias ripcd='abcde -V -o mp3'
> I have used Grip (decent GUI) to and that does seem to work well as
> Topher suggested.
> Zach
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