[GRLUG] Unix Sockets Going Stale?

Al Tobey tobert at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 00:48:33 EDT 2006

/tmp probably got autocleaned by a cron script and your socket file
was deleted.   Check /etc/cron.d or whatever your distribution uses to
see what the frequency is.

Some installations of MySQL put mysql.sock in /tmp by default and that
always turns out badly.    I don't think a socket file's mtime gets
updated with every connection, so it gets deleted about a month after

-Al Tobey

On 6/21/06, zdennis <zdennis at mktec.com> wrote:
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> I've got a daemon I wrote that uses unix sockets to communicate between
> a report generator a web application. 2 out of the 3 servers which run
> this particular service haven't been hit since June 16th in regards to
> generating a report. Tonight I went to run a report and I got an error
> that permission was denied to the socket, /tmp/report_gen.sock
> Last week I ran the same report and everything was fine. The services
> have been running this whole time, and no server reboots have occurred.
> Do unix sockets go bad after a period of inactivity?
> Zach
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