[GRLUG] screensaver - Kubuntu 6.06

Bob Kline bob.kline at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 05:06:02 EDT 2006


"Kubuntu Flight 6 and Beta - Upon a fresh install of either of these
on a machine, a screensaver will only activate if the Power Saver
option under Display is activated. IOW, you can't run a screensaver
for an unlimited time, but only for the max of the time you can select
under Power Saver (currently about five hours)."

So, indeed,  this is bug 40571,  still with Kubuntu
as of "flight 6".  I'd of thought that being able to
invoke a screesaver to,  well,  save the screen was
a long established,  useful function,  but it seems
that developers are still playing with it.

Since I don't care much for power settings,  the
screensaver effectively still doesn't work then as
of Kububntu 6.06


On 6/17/06, zdennis <zdennis at mktec.com> wrote:
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> Bob Kline wrote:
> >   The screensaver doesn't work on Kubuntu 6.06.  I can
> >   run the test,  but the scrreensaver never comes up
> >  automatically after a specified period of time.
> >
> >  The same thing happen way back with Mandrake 10.0.
> >   In 10.1  the screensaver function worked.
> >
> Yeah, it doesn't work on my box either
> Zach
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