[GRLUG] meeting: June 21 & grlug.org

Szymon Machajewski smachaje at grcc.edu
Mon Jun 12 10:17:50 EDT 2006

I would suggest for the initial startup an install of dokuwiki.  This
will be a quick wiki collaboration, which in time can be replaced by
some 'artistically appealing' system.

The homepage of dokiwiki would have the schedule of meetings, requested
presentations, etc.

I'm willing to put the initial design together.

Dokuwiki only requires PHP, no database.

Szymon Machajewski

Solutions Engineer / DBA
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

>>> geektoyz at gmail.com 6/9/2006 11:44:25 pm >>>
It seems like I posted a while ago some fish and hook like for a
webmaster for our site.  Truth is, I have not enough hours in the day
most of the time.  Maybe we can have some kind of mockup sites and
vote on who's design we like best.

Folks can send me tarballs and I'll post on our box for demos...  Just
a thought.


On 6/9/06, Tim Schmidt <timschmidt at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/9/06, Szymon Machajewski <SMachaje at grcc.edu> wrote:
> > Would someone like to do a basic presentation, maybe a 30 min on
> > Linux is, how to get started, just for beginners?
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux 
> does a better job than I'd expect of any 30 minute presentation...
> Personally, I'd be more interested in a presentation on configuring
> procmail, or setting up a given distribution for professional audio
> work (configuring jack, etc).
> A presentation on affordable SBCs with various feature sets would be
> --tim
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