[GRLUG] Xorg 7, video card help

zdennis zdennis at mktec.com
Mon Jun 12 07:40:03 EDT 2006

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Bob Kline wrote:
> Just a mildly amusing aside,  I pulled down copies
> of version 6.06  Ubuntu and Kubuntu,  and now
> my machine,  with a six year old ATI card -  "Rage
> 128 Expert 2000" - works fine.  Versions 5.10 of
> both systems led to the (nearly) black screens
> you describe.
> Strange in a way because ATI cards are high volume
> cards,  and one would simply think they'd be well
> supported.  But then maybe the newer ones are.
> Lots of chips over lots of years might mean that
> only the latest cards are supported?
> Anyone have any stories involving more current
> ATI display cards?  e.g.,  ATI X works fine?

If you see my other post in this thread, I think that it is not the ATI card's fault. Both cards work fine when they are set as
the primary display in BIOS. I can get the SiS card and the ATI to work. If I specify to use the card that is not the primary
display in BIOS in my xorg.conf then the card will not work. I suspect this is the same problem that is leading to the dual
monitors not working.

No one else appears to be having this issue though, and it is only with Xorg 7 I get this behavior.

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