[GRLUG] Xorg 7, video card help

Roberto Villarreal rvillarreal at mktec.com
Sun Jun 11 20:01:57 EDT 2006

It wouldn't be dual screens per se, but possibly two different video cards.  
My laptop is running Xorg 7, but does dual screens fine, off of one video 
card.  ATI at that ;-).


On Sunday 11 June 2006 7:35 pm, zdennis wrote:
> Roberto Villarreal wrote:
> > Don't know if it is of any help (or even related), but on my desktop, any
> > version of Xorg greater than 6.8 does not work.  A part of that
> > configuration is an ATI card (though I'm using the binary driver).
> I updated my BIOS to use my AGP slot  (my ATI 7200) as the primary
> video, instead of the PCI (the SiS card) and now everything is working
> well on the AGP, but I get a black screen on the monitor connected to
> PCI SiS card.
> I wonder if Xorg 7 just has an issue with dual screens? Anyone here
> running dual screens with Xorg 7 on two different video cards?
> Zach
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