[GRLUG] X11 Multi monitor question

David Pembrook david at pembrook.net
Thu Jun 1 10:37:06 EDT 2006

I'm using KDE for my setup. I had two monitors working in Suse just 
following the instructions from Nvidia but I'd rather not go back there 
unless I have to.

I tried and loved fluxbox on a live cd (seemed oh so fast and lite). 
First thing I tried was getting that via apt on a bare Debian install. I 
missed a couple things and in my attempts to get X working, installed 
KDE hoping it would take care of that and can't switch back. But I don't 
care much about that till I fix the multi monitor setup.

For the most part... once I get the x config right, window managers 
won't matter much will they? As far as basic usability?

Lets get the wiki going!!! I can install one for us if you change the 
DNS to point there ( wiki.grlug.org? If we don't index 
it in google, might not even have to worry about wiki spam till we get 
further down the road.


Godwin wrote:
> I'm not in Linux right now, so I can't look...<gulp>, but I have
> on-board DVI and VGA with dualies and I can move the mouse (will post
> config later) from one screen to the other in GDM, but it seizes after
> I log in.
> Strange thing is, if I use XDMCP and login to another linux server
> with KDE as my default desktop, dual monitors with extended desktop
> works fine.  Locally, on Gnome, the cursor doesn't travel from one
> desktop to the other.  Instead, I see the tip of the mouse's pointer
> on the adjacent side of the other screen, but that's it.  I won't
> traverse across.  I can't even move windows from one to the other.
> They disappear as they enter the desktop of the other screen.
> So maybe we'll both find a fix between my config and yours Dave.  :-)
> I'll have to look if Xinerama is on...
> G-
> On 5/30/06, David Pembrook <david at pembrook.net> wrote:
>> Well, I kinda want to work out the bugs by hand on the config. I've
>> gotten it down pretty good, but I'm missing one little thing.
>> I'm not looking to run the nvidia in twinview, but I'll turn on Xinerama
>> after I get it all to work. If I just turn it on right now, I get cloned
>> displays on the nvidia. Actually I haven't tried it since getting the
>> matrox in. I guess my next step if i can't get this to go is Xinerama.
>> Dave
>>> Hi Dave,
>>> I run tri-monitor setup on two different setups, both with NVIDIA cards.
>>> Each machine has a dualhead, and then there is a single head card
>>> installed. I run TwinView on the dualhead, and then I turn Xinerama on
>>> so I can get the extended desktop across the other the other monitor.
>>> Why are you turning Xinerama off, do you want each monitor to actually
>>> be it's own desktop environment, rather then utilizing an extended desktop?
>>> Zach
>>> David Pembrook wrote:
>>> /> I've got all three monitors displaying independant desktops but I can't
>> />/> move the mouse between them.
>> />/> /
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