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Wed Nov 30 21:01:47 EST 2005

That sounds fantastic.  I didn't know about the OpenSuSE project.  I still
think I will switch to an apt based OS, like Ubuntu, some day when I am
feeling ambitious.  I also agree with Dave that it is important to support
opensource projects with donations.  Whenever I converse about opensource with
people curious about it, I am sure to say something like, "that program is not
free; it's opensource."  Part of the reason I am favoring apt is that the way
I understand it, you can always update right from the repositories.  There is
no need to reinstall, ever.  Am I correct?

-John J Foerch

GRLUG general mailing list writes:
 > You don't need to buy Suse 10.0.  You can download the .iso from 
 > http://www.opensuse.org
 > I have it installed on my pc at home and so far I am rather happy.  The 
 > only problem I'm having is getting my on board audigy card to work as 
 > Surround 4.1.
 > Jeremy

GRLUG general mailing list writes:
 > That you don't have to buy it was my point in that the "commercial" version
 > is the same as the "community" version. I've liked a few open source
 > projects well enough to throw some money their way. Without support of some
 > sort (labor or money) you won't see the growth. I spend my time on my
 > projects so labor is out.
 > In the case of Suse, they didn't need my single copy purchase but if
 > everyone downloaded it, you wouldn't find it on the shelf at Best Buy.
 > What's really needed at Best Buy are free live cd's, commercially packaged
 > like the aol cd's so they look attractive. Then the people tired of the
 > malware could try it and maybe find they like the alternative.
 > My daughter likes Suse cause of all the game installed with it. She's 8 and
 > she tinkers around with her setting as well in linux as she does in windows.
 > Thats what I want for a desktop op system. I want to use it, I want them to
 > be able to use it (without me) all without compiling. I save that for my
 > work and only when the binary isn't a match for what I need.  Yes, I love
 > apt-get and yum. They are your friend for dependancy hell.
 > -Dave

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