[GRLUG] Linux class

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Tue Nov 29 13:41:47 EST 2005

GRLUG general mailing list wrote:
> Gentoo could be classified with Peanut Linux and Damn Small Linuxas it 
> can be downloaded in only 50MB. However, this is more like a netowrk 
> install than anything else, as you must download your kernel, portage 
> tree, and

The sys rescue cd from http://www.sysresccd.org is a nice live gentoo distribution (no gui). And it 
works on ppc architecture to!

 > I've also seen a distro that fit on a floppy and turned your
> box into a firewall without asking.

er... ClarkConnect?

I run Ubuntu, and it's a nice one, but if your users are visual you may want to show them Kubuntu 
since KDE does have more GUI candy.

I have downloaded (and not ran yet) aLinux. http://www.alinux.org, that looks like it may be a good 
one for new linux folks coming from windows though.


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