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Tue Nov 29 13:27:24 EST 2005

GRLUG general mailing list wrote:
> Sweet!! Another good ole fashion "My Gentoo is better than your Debian"
> Of course we all know that Debian is...... And real men do it with emerge.
> stay fun fun fellas.
> On a more serious note, and I may wish to begin another thread, I am 
> teaching myself Perl.
> All is going well, but I would like some direction as to where I should 
> begin and what types
> of projects would be most beneficial for a perl-noob.
> Thanks in advance for your replies.

Although I no longer frequently pull up perl (i go fer ruby intead) it is always a good option to 
find a task that you would like to do for yourself, and then try to tackle it. Whether's it a cgi 
script so you can your system statistics of your home linux server on the web, or a automated backup 
script which burns a cd everynight at midnight, you'll find yourself learning quicker which a task 
you WANT to work for you, then trying to learn a task that something else wants to work for them.


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