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I always do a custom install. Its normally at the bottom as a check box (I
could be getting blind in my old age though). That aside.. there is no
binary for it (tuxracer) I checked all the disks.

Suse10 can be downloaded. Look for the Eval version. Its not time limited or
anything. Its just a single layer dvd so they say it doesn't have all the
packages that the purchased product has. Well, they cram enough on a dvd for
my taste anyhow.

Don't forget to try Mepis for a live cd. Very nice setup.

- Dave

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> > They so dummied down the install on that (FC4) that you can't pick
> > individual packages.
> I was able to.
> Next semester at Cornerstone U I'm teaching an Intro To Linux class.  The
> first part will be trying out a bunch of distros.  I do have a time limit
> of some kind, so I can't try all of them.  I was thinking of Fedora and
> Suse (major rpm based systems), Ubuntu (current debian based system),
> Gentoo (because I'm sick), and Slack (out of respect) for the large
> distros.
> I thought we'd look at a couple cd based ones, Knoppix and Gnoppix for
> example.  Then a couple micro distros, which I don't know much about.
> Something like Damn Small Linux.  Any suggestions on a couple of these?
> I'd love to get some that install on USB sticks that would be really handy
> for the students.
> Can Suse iso's be downloaded free these days?  I remember they didn't use
> to be.
> Any suggestions on changes?
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