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Tue Nov 29 11:41:56 EST 2005

GRLUG general mailing list wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 09:54:14AM -0500, GRLUG general mailing list wrote:
>> Yes, but why are all the messages showing up coming from 
>> "grlug at grandrapids-lug.org" instead of from individual members' email 
>> addresses?  It's going to make it difficult to figure out who's saying 
>> what, unless we all sign each of our posts...
> I agree.  Showing the actual sender is better.  I often want to reread
> a message from so-and-so.  Having to remember how far into a thread it
> is will be difficult and time-consuming.  Is this a simple config
> change?
Great idea. But I still need to know how to go about changing the 
address to which my GRLUG mail is being sent to.

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jdenick at insurance-data.com
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