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Tue Nov 29 09:54:14 EST 2005

Yes, but why are all the messages showing up coming from 
"grlug at grandrapids-lug.org" instead of from individual members' email 
addresses?  It's going to make it difficult to figure out who's saying 
what, unless we all sign each of our posts...

-Ben Eavey

GRLUG general mailing list wrote:
> Oh a non believer eh? Better yet, replace her windows overnight!
> Hey It's good to have the lug back online!
> Dave Pembrook
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>>Hey fellas,
>>    It's good to see the list back up.
>>But my Boss told me that she would fire me if I didn't stop
>>"playing around on the silly /Linux/ mailing list. So I need to change
>>my address to a gmail account. After I change her passwords that is.
>>GRLUG general mailing list wrote:
>>>GRLUG general mailing list wrote:
>>>>10-4 good buddy, anyone else got their ears on? 
>>>mercy sakes alive...i didn't know we was open
>>>grlug mailing list
>>>grlug at grandrapids-lug.org
>>Justin Denick   
>>Network Administrator/Gentoo+Win2k
>>Insurance Data Services, Inc.   
>>jdenick at insurance-data.com
>>(616) 532-8000 ext. 193

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