Grand Rapids Linux User's Group

Dear LUGgers,


We are back!

We now have a Wiki... Check us out at:

Our server is up and mailing list operational. Let us take discussion on the list
to work out the details. Swing by here to sign-up and join in.
Thank you for all who have offered to lend a hand
and continue with support.


It seems our GRLUG box was stolen (or otherwise made to disappear) from it's unsupervised location at EMU.  Unfortunately, our mailing list resided on that box.

Our apologies for the inconvenient down time.  We'll be back up and running again soon.


Eric [GRLUG president]

Godwin [GRLUG Sys. Admin.]  "geektoyz [at] gmail [dot] com"

Mailing List: [11-DEC-2005]

I am rebuilding our mailing list this weekend with as many e-mail addresses
as I can collect from my old email. For now, emails to the list still come
only to me. :-)
Hopefully, starting next week (Dec. 14th) when I move the server, members may
sign up (or remove) themselves. I will post news here AND on the mailing list
as progress advances.

Thanks for your patience and patronage. :-)

Last chance at pre-registering for Penguicon at the special early bird price of $30.

Registration can be done on our website at or by filling
out the pdf at here, Note
that if you're mailing in your registration it will need to be postmarked no later than the
Halloween night to get the special pricing.

Any questions regarding registration should be directed towards Kimba Wilson

Thank You
Dan DeSloover
Penguicon LUG-Wrangler

To List, Grand Rapids Linux User Group - Mailing:

I would like to propose a GRLUG meeting at Grand Rapids Community
College in somewhat near future.

We have students who pursue Linux education and also a local IT office
with much Linux investment. We would be happy to facilitate a session,
presentation or hands on, at our location.

I would like to suggest from our side a presentation on
PeopleSoft/Oracle support for Linux. We could demo an Oracle 10g
system, along with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.9 running on a RedHat
Linux. Other presentations or topics of interest are very welcome.

Please let me know if this arrangement would be welcome.


Szymon Machajewski

LRTS Engineer
Grand Rapids Community College