[GRLUG] friends, geeks, linuxheads, lend me your advice!

Mike Williams knightperson at zuzax.com
Sat Oct 5 20:15:23 EDT 2013

I'm looking at replacing my house router and NAS box with something that 
works a little better. I'm thinking a small, low power consumption box 
of some kind, hopefully something that can handle wireless router 
duties, simple file sharing and media streaming, and an IPv6 tunnel. Any 
recommendations on hardware specs or distribution to make this out of?

The current setup that I would be replacing is an embedded router and a 
stand-alone NAS box. The router is an old WRT54GS running OpenWRT, but 
it's so starved for memory that it can't handle above a 2.4 kernel, and 
the IPv6 tunnel doesn't work very reliably. The NAS box is a Netgear 
Stora with a mirrored pair of 2TB drives, but despite what some reviews 
might have suggested, performance using software RAID at that size is 

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