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> September 13. For $70 per month, residents can get Gigabit Internet, and
> for $120 per month, they can get Gigabit Internet service plus TV.
> There's even a "free" Internet tier with 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up. The
> free tier requires a one-time construction fee of $300 or 12 monthly
> payments of $25, but Google guarantees the free service for seven years.
> **
> About the same price the rest of
> us pay for about 3% of that bandwidth.
> I wonder where Google with go with
> this next?   i.e., if that $70 represents
> a true service price, I'd think the door
> would be open to many other cities,
> on the way to creating Google Net.
> Even that "free" service works out to
> about $45 a year, or less if Google
> extends it.

Google's primary business is selling ads.  To sell ads more effectively they try to know as much about you as possible.  Would you really want them being able to see *all* of you data traffic?  This is a real conflict of interest (if you believe in the principles of net-neutrality).
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