[GRLUG] Noobie printer question, ..

Topher topher at codeventure.net
Wed Sep 5 21:09:43 EDT 2012

I've always had *really* good luck with the CUPS web interface.  It does great auto detection.

On Sep 5, 2012, at 11:17 AM, "L. V. Lammert" <lvl at omnitec.net> wrote:

> Never tried to print to a network printer / printqueue before, .. how
> would one do that from an OpenSuSE 11.4 workstation? Yast only works
> with local printers, .. hp-setup only seems to work directly to the
> printer/JetDirect? How would one use the print queue on the machine to
> which the printer(s) are connected?
>    Lee
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