[GRLUG] Suggestions for managed / hosted website

Jeff DeMaagd jeff at demaagd.com
Mon Dec 10 10:22:25 EST 2012

If you're looking to set up a web store, consider Shopify. I've used it 
for about three years for my shop, as well as my dad's.

On 12/10/12 9:33 AM, scott.tanner at comcast.net wrote:
> I have a couple of friends that own a small automotive performance shop
> in GR ( lengerracing.com ) and they're looking to outsource their
> website design and storefront,  on a very small budget.   They have a
> wordpress site now, but want something more professional looking and to
> better sell their products and vendor products.
> They've looked into webshopmanager.com  -  does anyone in the group have
> any suggestions for good (and cheap) website creation/hosting, or
> opinions about Web Shop Manager?
> Thanks,
> Scott


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