[GRLUG] Status of things

Michael Mol mikemol at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 15:26:25 EDT 2009

On my plate are at least three GRLUG-related projects (that I can
remember) that have been slowed due to a lack of time on my part.
(That could technically also be read "I overcommitted myself to too
many things")

* GRLug Blog Planet

I still really like this idea, and I think it'd be a great way for us
to keep the technical discussions flowing.  I have a Slicehost account
that could easily handle the traffic, so long as the planetoid
software is lightweight enough.  But I haven't had a whole lot of time
to actively investigate it.  If someone is willing[1], I'd be open to
letting someone else set it up while I hosted it.  Otherwise, I don't
think I'm going to be able to move forward.

* WiFi mesh networking

This is actually moving forward in the sense that I'm quickly gaining
awareness and knowledge of relevant details such as the 802.11
standard, suitable wifi equipment and theory, geographical
implications and relevant FCC regulations.  I'll probably put together
a massive essay on the subject at some point, and see where things go
from here.

This also kinda stalled because I was arranging to meet with another
GRLUG member to discuss it and other things periodically, but life
slammed me fast and hard, and that was left hanging. (Though I have
since been to a Biggby's, I don't drink coffee, but I do love their
"italian soda.")

* Recording of meeting

I had the video transcoded at one point (finally, and after assistance
from a coworker), but still needed to merge the audio and video
streams back together.  And then life got in the way, and then I
discovered some video I'd accidentally omitted from the original
transcode.  I've got to get back on that as soon as I've got my home
computer up and running again.

Incidentally, for my next attempt at transcoding, what format, file
size and target devices would people be looking at playing it back on?
 Some playback options (particularly embedded devices like phones and
video game systems) might require the disabling of certain encoding

[1] And, no offense, if I feel I can trust them with access to my
Slice. I'm not the greatest server admin in the world, so I treat
access to user accounts on that machine like I would treat access to a
firearm; Applicant must be skilled and then pass arbitrary and
subjective requirements.

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