[GRLUG] A Sweet Deal for Old Computers

Paul Kortman paulk at teamddm.com
Wed Jun 24 12:40:28 EDT 2009

Perhaps off topic (non-linux) but I have seen other posters here  
looking for things to do with old boxen and open source software.

The open-source education software, sugar, which was developed for the  
"$100 laptop" can now be loaded onto a $5 USB stick to run aging PCs  
and Macs with a new interface and custom educational software.
"What we are doing is taking a bunch of old machines that barely run  
Windows 2000, and turning them into something interesting and useful  
for essentially zero cost," says Walter Bender  "It becomes a whole  
new computer running off the USB key; we can breathe new life into  
millions of decrepit old machines."


paul kortman
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