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Casey DuBois casey at grlug.org
Mon Jan 26 13:48:14 EST 2009

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 1:43 PM, Michael Mol <mikemol at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 1:34 PM, John-Thomas Richards <jtr at jrichards.org> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 12:18:04PM -0600, Matthew Lechleider wrote:
>>> Bob Kline wrote:
>> [snip]
>>> > Cartridge World,  1717 28th Street SW,
>>> > refills some cartridges, for 1/2 the new
>>> > price.  So does Walgreen.  Might make
>>> > sense to see which ones they fill before
>>> > buying anything - that's where the real
>>> > savings could be.
>>> >
>>> That was the best advise you will receive.
>>> Make sure you find a printer with cartridges that are cheap and widely
>>> available.
>>> The HP cartridges are available everywhere...Target, CVS, Walgreens,
>>> K-Mart, Best Buy, etc..
>> That is very good advice although I would take it a step further and say
>> spend a little more upfront (if necessary) to buy a laser printer.  The
>> cost per page difference is tremendous.  If you absolutely need color
>> then the price of a laser printer jumps but if black & white and a whole
>> bunch of shades of gray will suffice, you cannot beat a laser printer
>> for value.
> If you seriously want to consider color laser, be mindful of what you
> want it for.  Some color laser printers have terrible color
> production; I saw someone attempt to print a photo on a color laser
> printer at GRCC, and it came out looking as though it had been passed
> through a 6-bit palette.  Color lasers might be Good Enough for pretty
> graphs and pie charts, but not all of them can even handle a
> photograph.

I have Several color printers and the issue is getting the cartridges,
my latest purchase was an HP that I can get cartridges @ Meijer if
necessary (24-hours) still the cartridges are pricey.

Not personal experience but the Kodak Color printers seem to have a
higher up front cost (200-250ish) but with $15 cartridges they may be
an option.

Casey DuBois
casey at grlug.org

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