[GRLUG] Knoppix with mouse problems?

John J Foerch jjfoerch at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 2 16:07:11 EST 2009

Bob Kline writes:
 > If I follow you correctly, the PS/2 mouse
 > works fine for distros using the 2.4 kernel,
 > so it would seem the BIOS settings are not
 > an issue.

My thought was that something could have been added to the 2.6 kernel
which causes it to "properly support" some esoteric feature of the old
bios, which 2.4 ignored, resulting in the mouse working "by accident" in
2.4.  It's not a very likely scenario, I grant, but I can't think of a
more likely cause.

Also see if there is a bios update available.

John Foerch

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