[GRLUG] Coyote Linux Personal Firewall

Joshua Burns jdburnz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 12:15:10 EST 2009

has anyone had much (or any) experience using the coyote linux personal

i need something with a little more processing power and memory in it than a
standard crappy linksys or d-link router (such as the ones i have on hand,)
and have been meaning for quite some time to delve into the process of
building my own linux firewall.

the version i have settled on attempting to use (specifically due to it's
web-based interface) is coyote linux, and i am now attempting to use an old
pentium ii computer as its medium.

problem however:

after inserting the disk, installing coyote and rebooting, it asks for me to
configure my initial setup. no problem, i finish the basic configuration
wizard and reboot and am presented with a "firewall login:" prompt. i've
tried logging in with an array or possible logins and passwords but nothing
seems to work... i've tried the user root with password, passwd, blank,
coyote, etc but to no avail.

any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

ps i'm using the bootable iso because i don't have any floppies or floppy

pps a common term being searched for is "coyote linux default password" but
not coming up with anyhting useful

Coyote URL: http://coyotelinux.com/Downloads/tabid/54/Default.aspx

thanks much!!

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