[GRLUG] Knoppix with mouse problems?

John-Thomas Richards jtr at jrichards.org
Fri Jan 2 09:44:55 EST 2009

On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 03:27:10AM -0500, Bob Kline wrote:
> I tried V4.4.3 of DSL on the old hardware,
> and the PS/2 mouse worked.  Alas, DSL is
> still using the 2.4 version of the kernel, so I
> expected as much.  Even V4.4.10 is using
> version 2.4.31 of the kernel.
> So far the only consistent theme is that a
> distribution with a 2.4 kernel works on my
> old motherboard, and one with a 2.6 kernel
> does not.  This is just for fun, since the end
> result would be a very limited system in any
> case.  At most it's interesting to the extent
> that "Linux" is embodied in the kernel, not
> the endless apps that are hung on it. So
> perhaps somewhere deep down the drivers
> do not completely support the chipset in the
> old motherboard?  As pointed out by someone
> here,  PS/2 mice have been around for a long
> time now, and are ubiquitous.

It must be a chipset issue.  When I first switched to a 2.6 kernel I
used a PS/2 mouse.  Then again, it was a dual-Celeron 466MHz box which
is rather more recent than a 166HMz box.

This raises an interesting question.  How much backward compatibility is
removed with each iteration of the kernel?

> I can still try to see whether a USB mouse
> works....

A 166MHz motherboard with USB?  Wow.  I'd be surprised if the USB
*worked*.  ;-)

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