[GRLUG] VirtualBox question (Bill Littlejohn)

John-Thomas Richards jtr at jrichards.org
Sat Feb 28 15:55:36 EST 2009

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 03:20:44PM -0500, Lee Forest wrote:
> pretty sure I seen where you were trying to go with the factory
> install on VirtualBox deal. The answer seems clear to me, but also
> seems to sound more complicated then it really needs to be. Basically
> you make a copy of your hard disk partition and put it on a usb
> drive....load the Virtual enviroment with a liveCD since you obviously
> won't have an OS yet. restore the partition from the USB to the
> virtual machine. If you don't have a boot loader, you can chroot into
> the enviroment and do a grub install and you should be good to go.
> This is my measley two cents too late, but I've been playing with
> virtualbox all night and it all came clear to me this morning :D

I cannot restore the partition to a VM.  The partition contains
installation files for the operating system and the pre-installed
software.  I need VirtualBox to install the operating system from the
restore partition (or USB drive), just like one would with an install

Why do I need to load the virtual environment with a live CD?

I believe the restore partition has a bootloader since it's designed to
be booted (so as to restore the machine to its factory installation).
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