[GRLUG] How to Custom Image 100 plus laptop

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I wonder what the performance or the speed of install on DD would be vs just a custom iso / cd install?

One thing I just realized as we are getting the building ready for this event is that we probably won't have 100 patch cables to connect each machine to a network, so CD or USB flash drives seem to be the media of choice

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> "> I've rolled out large number of LINUX workstations in the past.  I just
> > used dd for identical machines and then tweaked the host names, etc..."
> The thought crossed my mind that you might use a rescue CD, then tar from
> a master CD or memory stick.  But I have not rolled out multiple systems,
> and all the installs I've done have been fresh installs, usually from a
> live cd to a hard drive.
> I have an additional question.  Are these laptops going to be given away,
> or will they be kept in one place available for people to use?

This look interesting:

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