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Tue Oct 30 15:42:02 EDT 2007

On 10/30/07, Bob Kline <bob.kline at gmail.com> wrote:
>What tuner card are you running?

>Sans display,  and idea off hand
>what you setup set you back?

My machine running Myth was free, something somebody was throwing away.  Any
modern low end system should work well for standard def tv though.  I've
been watching slickdeals.net.  There are refurbished machines on there often
which would work wonderful if you don't feel like building your own.

I bought a larger hard drive and the tuner card.  I have a Hauppage PVR-150
tuner card in it.  It works very well for standard def tv.  If you are
looking for High Def recording, I have heard good things about the HD Home

There are multiple varieties of the PVR-150, the one I got came with a IR
remote and an IR blaster for controlling other devices.  I don't use the
remote much, instead I went with an RF keyboard which is very nice.  The IR
blaster is a nice touch for controlling a TV or VCR for those rare times
when a tape is played.


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