[GRLUG] Free FON router

Benjamin Eavey ben at eavey.com
Tue Feb 13 09:45:02 EST 2007

> I think something is wrong with mine. I left it plugged in overnight
> and it was too hot to touch in the morning. I unplugged it and set it
> aside for now. Any ideas why it would get so hot?

No idea.  Mine is wall-mounted, and it was barely even warm when I 
checked it this morning.  I only set it up yesterday, though, so I'll 
keep an eye on it.  It's a nice little router!

One weird thing I noticed is that I'm unable to connect to the public 
side of it from my Ubuntu laptop.  The private side works, but the 
public doesn't.  I can connect from my Palm TX, so I know it's not a 
problem with the FON box itself.  I'm using NetworkManager to handle the 
connections in Ubuntu.  Anyone else notice this problem?


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