[GRLUG] Screen shot

Topher topher at wcsg.org
Fri Feb 9 19:21:13 EST 2007

> I'm running Mandriva Free 2007.
> Assuming it's part of the package, how do I do a screen shot?

There are about 100 different ways to make a screenshot in Linux.

One that's pretty generic is to use GIMP.  You just go to File -> Aquire 
-> screenshot, and you can choose to do the whole screen or a single 
window, and give a time delay to give you time to get where you want the 

Additionally, I have this script I wrote a while back.  I put it under a 
menu item and just click it when I need a shot.  It automatically puts it 
on my flickr site and uploads it via scp.

If you want the flickr script I can send it as well.

DATE=`date '+%e %b %Y %l:%m%p %Z'`
TITLE="Desktop, $DATE"
import -pause 5 -window root topher_desktop.jpg
/home/topher/flickr_upload.pl --title "$TITLE" topher_desktop.jpg
convert -sample 150x112 topher_desktop.jpg topher_desktop_thumb.jpg
scp topher_desktop.jpg topher1 at derosia.com:~/derosia.com/phlog/graphics/
scp topher_desktop_thumb.jpg topher1 at derosia.com:~/derosia.com/phlog/graphics/

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you know... whenever I get frustrated with Linux I just play with xsnow. that little program gives so much joy :)
     - Bryan VanHaitsma

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